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Zeppeli (ツェペリ, Tseperi) is a male vampire with dark skin, silver hair and a goatee. He is the real owner of the Sasanaki Hospital which is doubles as his vampire base. He pursues the blood of Hime too--at first--but prefers to plot and execute behind the scenes. Because he had a cooperative relationship with Reiri, he is also looked down upon somewhat in vampire society. 


Zeppeli, found dead inside Duken's mansion

In chapter 68, Flyman found Zeppeli in a room inside Duken's mansion, who was severely wounded after being mauled by what he calls a "hybrid". He dies after telling Flyman to escape and his body was found by Hime, Hiro, Riza and Reiri, in the same room where he was last seen talking to Flyman. Later it was shown that Duken had been conducting experiments to turn humans into werewolf-vampire hybrids and Zeppeli's blood was used for the vampire portion. The gang used his blood to create a serum that would turn the hybrids back to humans.


  • Interestingly, he, along with Kiniski, are currently the only vampires shown to survive a wooden stake through the heart (although it occured in the hospital, where he was able to receive medical help immediately).
  • His diet is apparently not limited to blood and/or tomato juice; Reiri was shown peeling an apple for him while he was recovering from his stake-wound.
  • Although both Reiri and Hiro has interacted with him extensively, upon seeing his body neither show any signs of recognizing him; Hiro merely thought he's seen him before.