Kiniski holding the Trioxin canister.

is a chemical agent developed by the Flyman. It is a very powerful drug that can reanimate the dead, to a certain extent. The revival effect is usually instant, as the Flyman seemed to come back to life within mere seconds of being killed by Kiniski's goons.

Characters brought back by the drug becomes dependent on it in order to survive, much like a Blood Warrior to his/her Royal master, and depriving them of it eventually results in their (re)death. Trioxin does not offer any kind of ability or regeneration whatsoever, apart from healing from fatal wounds. Like with a Blood Warrior, if the revived person is dismembered, and the parts are scattered, they will still die and the drug will become useless, the head and body likely will survive longer than other parts.

A Trioxin-revived individual can be killled again if the drug is forcefully removed from their body, as in the case of Kiniski, the chemical in his bloodstream being evaporated by the Flame Warrior Hiro. Kiniski's corpse withers after his second death, so it is currently unknown if this applies to all those brought back by the drug.

It is kept in a cylindrical canister, as seen when it is taken by Kiniski.

The Flyman also created a more powerful version of the drug on Sylvia's command, to revive a dead member of Royalty in order to learn about Duken's true identity. This more powerful version of Trioxin brought back the person, along with functioning mind processes.


  • After being killed by Kiniski, Flyman experienced his own product first-hand and became dependent on it to live.
  • Trioxin a reference to the chemical agent of the same name and properties that causes the dead to come back to life in George A. Romero's 1968 horror film, Night of the Living Dead.
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