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The Professor as shown in the manga.

"The Professor", also referred to by his real name, Frankenstein, is the being who created the androids servants for the members of the Royal Family, along with reality-defying inventions such as a dimensional transfer device. His design is based upon the "brain in a jar" image.

The Professor is very arrogant, and is very proud of his inventions, referring to all the androids as his "children". His current "body" is a grand, almost castle-like mansion on top of a cliff by the sea; he can closely monitor all the events going on inside through a supervallence system. He is contained within a jar of an unknown liquid. Since the current brain-form is realtively huge comapred to his original form, it might have been synthetic and that his consciousness is uploaded into it.


The Professor's human form.

It's revealed that he used to have a human form, that of a tall man with large scars on his face, and served under Fuhito. 

Inventions & CreationsEdit

  • Androids/Gynoids
  • Dimensional Transfer Device (based on Back to the Future)


  • Mansion

    the full view of Professor's mansion

    His intense "staring" using security cameras has Riza to feel uncomfortable.
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