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Tarou Kanda (Kanda Tarō)
Debut Appearance
Manga Naqua-den 1
Anime None
Personal Information
Species Human

Spiderdemon (Taroumaru)

Occupation Student
Status Alive
Relatives Taeko Shinozaki (aunt)

Nayu Shinozaki (cousin, presumed step-sister)

Voiced By
Japanese None
English None

Tarou Kanda (Kanda Tarō) is the main protagonist of Naqua-den alongside the spider goddess Nakua. He is the host of Nakua's great spider demon Taroumaru and is Nakua's "muscle" when it comes to dealing with Aregamis, the rogue gods that threatens to invade Japan.


Tarou has the normal appearance of any highschooler. He is tall and of average build.

Aside from his usual student uniform, Tarou always seem to wear a pair of glasses that he constantly fixes.


Tarou is almost always calm and collected, which helps him a great deal when facing large, imposing creatues like the Aregamis. He has a monstrous appetite, apparently eating 10 bowls of rice every breakfast, though he never seem to gain any weight. He is kind (as seen when he gives Taroumaru's body a proper burial, even though the spider's appearance and size scared everyone off) and always seem ready to help those that are in need.

Tarou is also noticeably polite, as he would always address other people with honorifics and bows when he meets an elderly.

Tarou's expressions and actions sometimes creates awkward situations with his teacher.

Tarou has the habit of fixing his glasses like Francisca, though he seems to do this much more frequently than her and he fixes it by pressing the bridge of the goggles.


Powers and Abilities[]

Being the host of the great spider demon Taroumaru, Tarou seemed to inherit most of the demon's powers. He can survive great falls with barely any bumps or bruises. He is also noticeably fast and energetic, as shown in Chapter 2 when he ran 7 hours across the town to deliver lucky sushi rolls. 

Tarou's strength is also enormous, as he easily lifts with two hands the sushi delivery he was supposed to make, which apparently weighs more than 100kg. He can easily defeat a Shinzoku in a single punch, sending it flying a few yards and made the creature horrified. 

Taroumaru also gave Tarou extreme resistance towards magic, as the Shinzoku could not harm him when he was holding it. His limbs has an extraordinarily quick recovery rate, as seen when his arms were broken by a fighter-type Shinzoku, and managed to heal almost instantly.

As a side effect of hosting Taroumaru, Tarou could not gain weight, despite his monstrous appetite (which was presumably given by Taroumaru as well).