Sledge (Suredgi) is a warrior serving Emile. He has bird-like wings and can fly, but his race is still unknown (he could, however, be a harpy; confirmation is needed). He seems very protective of Emile, and apparently gets along with the others serving him decently well, although he is seen arguing with Keziah. He doesn't usually talk, but when he does it's usually in the form of a statement, rather than a question. His outfit is very similar to Riza's, except that his top is sleeveless and he has camouflage cargo pants.

He knew of Emile's imminent death, so to end his master's suffering he killed Emile without letting Keziah or the Mermaid know. He secretly summoned Sylvia to meet with him to revive his master in a good condition. He later on revealed to Keziah and Hime what he had done, only to be killed by Emile under the commands of Sylvia.

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