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Prince Salieri von Phoenix (Sarieri) is a member of the Royal Family.


Not much is known about Salieri, except that he was possibly the third prince of the Royal Family. He tried to have Hime killed when she was thirteen when they both came to the Research Facility for their androids' repair; he hired the Invisible Man to assassinate her, but his plan backfired when a spirit version of Hiro from the future showed up and pulled Hime out of the way, and the care-taker of the Research Facility (possessed by Frankenstein) pushed him out of his chair, knocking him onto the table, and having the vase the Invisble Man meant to make fall on Hime break on his head, causing his death. His contract with the Invisble Man was then automatically cancelled, although in chapter 2 Hime states that the Invisible Man that attacked her was sent by her third elder brother, suggesting that the contract is renewed for unknown reasons. He would later come back, revived in the Sasanaki cemetery by trioxin and is confused because he couldn't remember his name.

He (or at least someone who greatly resembles him) later appears in Fuhito's flashback, where he sent countless monsters, including a particularly large one called the Conehead, after Francine and the young Fuhito. His monsters are killed by Fuhito's telepathy and Salieri himself is forced to make a retreat for his own life.


Unike any other members of the Royal Family he has white hair. He appears to have red eyes with slits for pupils. His hair appears to be feathered, and he wears a long-sleeve pinstripe black shirt, and black pants.

Salieri after reviving

However, after he was revived by trioxin, he took on a bloated appearance, possibly because of decomposition.

However, on a colored page he is shown to have white hair and dark skin.


  • One of the monsters he sent after Francine and the young Fuhito bears great semblance in both name and physical appearance to the infamous Konami monster, the Pyramid Head.
  • Implied to be the one in Fuhito's flashack, it is suggested that Salieri was a previous generation Royalty and is about the same age as Duken. This makes him the third previous generation Royalty who participated in the current generation Throne War.