Rudy Rude
Debut Appearance
Manga manga chapter 67
Anime NA
Personal Information
Species Werewolf
Occupation unknown
Status Alive (presumably
Relatives {{{Relatives}}}
Voiced By
Japanese NA
English NA

Rudy Rude is a werewolf introduced in chapter 67. She was introduced by Aida as her friend. They have known each other for a long time, Rudy presumably came from Aida's hometown as said by the latter.


Rudy greatly resembles her fellow werewolf Riza, most notably the similar outfit and hair style, though Rudy's top has a V-neck and she wears jeans instead of cargo pants.

Rudy has long, messy light-colored hair that reaches her shoulders, sweeping over her blinded left eye. How and why the eye was damaged is unclear, though it remains even when she transforms. Rudy's bust is noticeably larger than Riza's and she is slightly less muscular.


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