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Phoenixes are the highest beings in the monster realm, and as such are the Royalty of the kingdom. Phoenixes start off in their mortal, juvenile form as a being that closely resembles human beings, and turn into their adult, immortal, phoenix form when they are "chosen" (a.k.a "matured").

Powers, Abilities & Weaknesses[]


  • Adult Phoenix are Immortal, however they are vulnerable in their juvenile form.

Flames of Purification[]

  • Phoenixes who have matured enough can emanate the Flames of Purification. These flames can turn even stone to ash, proving to be a very dangerous ability.

Ability to raise Blood Warriors / Flame Warriors[]

  • All Phoenixes can raise Blood Warriors by giving a recently dead person his/her blood, or the Flame of Life in the anime. They later gain the ability to transform a Blood Warrior into a Flame Warrior.


  • Some members of the Royal Family have telekinetic abilities, and as such are able to move objects with their mind at will. Telekinetics can also use their abilities to kill opponents by damaging their internal organs, though individuals gifted with this ability tends to die young and painfully due to excessive use of power, as in the cases of Emile and Fuhito. 

Royalty (Juvenile)[]


  • All members of the Royalty lacks eyebrows, only possessing brow curves.

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