Ookami Ginko (Ginkō Okami)
Debut Appearance
Manga Naqua-den 5
Anime None
Personal Information
Species Wolf-demon
Occupation Miko
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed deceased grandfather
Voiced By
Japanese None
English None

Ookami Ginko (Ginkō Okami) is a character introduced in the spin-off manga Naqua-den. She is a wolf-demon of a native beast tribe whose village was attacked by an Aregami, which caused her to flee to Minakumo shrine and meet Nakua.


Ookami has a "slightly-above-average" build, almost similar to Riza Wildman, without the latter's pronounced abs. Her messy silver hair reaches her thighs, which also serves as "fur" when she transforms into a wolf-like demon. Ookami has sharp fangs. Her eyes are gold-colored, as seen on the cover of Chapter 5.

She has a noticeably large bust.

During her flashbacks of her grandfather's funeral, Ookami is seen wearing a black mourning kimono, while she would often be seen in a white sleeveless shirt along with short jeans. She dons a miko outift at the end of Chapter 5, as she now works at the shrine.


Ookami is somewhat a tsundere in character, as she would often act tough in front of Tarou and Nakua, but gets embarassed easily, as seen when she reverts back into human form, naked, in front of Tarou. It is hinted that Ookami is interested in Tarou, as she is outwardly friendly towards him and would often become flustered while near him.

Ookami, being a wolf, greatly hates cats, especially those found near the shrine. She also hates it when people calls her "dog".


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Ookami is a wolf-demon, and thus is capable of transforming into one at will and does not seem to be augmented/hindered in any way by the moon, unlike werewolves. In wolf form, she has greatly enhanced strength and speed, capable of mauling a large Shinzoku to death in mere seconds. Rarely when she transforms, her clothes disappears when she reverts back to human form.

Her wolf beast form is unlike a transformed werewolf, as she could not speak when in wolf form. A fully-transformed Ookami is much larger than a full-blooded werewolf, being a few meters in height and length. Also, her beast form is quadrupedal, unlike the bipedal werewolves. 


  • Ookami somewhat resembles the werewolf Riza Wildman, both in appearance and personality, as both are tsunderes, both are wolf-beasts and both seemed to be attracted to the main male protagonist of their respective storylines (Riza towards Hiro and Ookami towards Tarou).
  • Her first name ōkami means "wolf" in Japanese, which perfectly fits her character. Her surname also consists of Gin- which means "silver", which is also appropriate, as she introduces herself as a Silver Wolf.
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