Nozomi Kobuchizawa, better known as Bucchi, is Hiro's classmate and friend.

About BucchiEdit

He's a middle-school student and wears glasses. He is mostly seen in some chapters with Sherwood as the cameraman of Sherwood's Monster Searching Mission. He always drag Hiro in his adventures. Unlike Sawawa, he actually realizes that there are supernatural things out there but currently is not fully aware of what's going on exactly.

In chapter 65 he was mind-controlled by what appears to be a gigantic alien and tried to kill Hime (the attempt failed because Reiri was able to mind-controll him with her own power). Although technically he's not responsible, Hime dosen't like him much because of the incident.

Bucchi seems to have, or at least retained, some form of lightning power, as seen in use when he was controlled by the aforementioned giant monster. He later uses it to defend himself when he and Hiro are outnumbered in the Sasanaki cemetery, at the same time shocked at his own power.


  • Bucchi is the only classmate of Hiro who appears in both the manga and anime. 
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