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lobo wildman facing backwards

Lobo Wildman (ロボ・ワイルドマン, Robo Wairudoman) is a full-blooded werewolf who cares very much for his younger half-sister Riza. He wear chains on his wrists and is blinded in one eye. He was a soldier of the royal guard and served Hime. He was forced to betray his master, Hime, by Hime's older brother Duken, who used Riza's life to make him obey, and was killed by her in battle honorably. His body was later reanimated by the drug Trioxin and was put down by Duken.


Riza Wildman

Lobo's younger half-sister. Riza seems to have cared for her brother a lot as well as him caring for her.

Volg Wildman

Not Much is known about the Relationship between them. Volg is Riza's and Lobo's Father


  • In the OVA he easily shoves Flandre aside; he's the only character to achieve this (other enemies has been known to move Flandre, but they are much larger and so far have only managed to slightly budge her at best).
  • His first name is only revealed in the anime. In the OVA and manga he is only known as Wildman.
  • "Lobo" literally means "wolf" in Spanish.

    Lobo's human form in episode 16