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Ladd at Hime's mansion.

Ladd is a moleman from the Monster Kingdom who was recently released from prison. He and Hiro used to be cell-mates and they saved Hime from the guard. Because of this he was formally invited to Hime's mansion, and came there much later when he was released from said prison. It is unknown why he went to prison, though the cause was likely perverted, as he wanted Hime's panties as a reward for saving her, had a racy picture of a molewoman on the ceiling of the bottom bunk of his bunk-bed in prison, had to force himself from groping Sawawa's breasts, and peeked at Riza when she was in the bath tub; after these events, he always uses the excuse "I just got out of prison!". Ladd is good friends with Hiro and adores Hime.

Ladd helped Hiro construct a system of underground tunnels under Hime's mansion, in case they ever happened to need it.


  • Ladd's eyewear is a possible reference to Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge of the Star Trek franchise.
    • LaForge is blind without his visor, similar to real-life moles who are naturally sightless. It is understandable that Ladd, being a mole, is blind, and that visor gives him vision, just like LaForge.