Keziah Bold is a werewolf serving Emile. He is the son of Kadaria Bold. He and Volg Wildman were in a past war together, and he greatly respects him as a great werewolf warrior; Keziah also has great respect for Volg's daughter, Riza.


He wears slim jeans, an A-shirt, and appears to have four scars across his face (possibly claw marks). Every time he makes an appearance, he is often seen smoking cigars.


He is aggressive towards vampires, as shown when he attacks Reiri and berating Riza for travelling with a Vampire. He is very loyal to Emile and is very protective towards Madeleine.

He drives a Mustang.


Emile, who was a now a Blood warrior of Sylvia, invited Hime to his mansion so that he could kill her. As Emile attacked with his psychokenetic powers, Keziah jumped up in front of Hime and shielded her, in hopes of stop this madness. However, he received fatal damage and died after refusing Hime's blood. Riza later commented that he died honorably when protecting Hime. However, in chapter 70 he was resurrected by an unknown character. 


Keziah as a flame warrior.

Because being resurrected is a disgrace to a werewolf, he wandered around trying to become dead for good. Eventually he found Fuhito, realizing he have enough power to kill him. However, Gilliam, who was confronting Fuhito at the moment, is outraged by the fact that a werewolf is begging for death. Gilliam recruits Keziah under his service to battle Fuhito, and Keziah accepts the offer. After the battle ended in a draw, Hime told an exhausted Keziah that Emile had revived him with a mission, although she does not know what it is. When he showed up to rescue Madeline, Keziah finally realized why Emile revived him as a flame warrior: since the mermaid sacrificed her life to save him, it is his duty to pay her back. With this realization, Keziah passed on his flame of life, sacrificing his own life to secure Madeline's.

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