Kerberotte (Keruberotte), also known as Berotte or Berotte-chan, is the main protagonist in the omake "Kerberotte Take Me to Hell!!" She is the gatekeeper of hell and her series is about her constant struggle with a fallen angel whom she's trying to send to hell. Although physically involved in the same world, the characters from the main series doesn't seem to know or notice her. The only characters from the main story line she interacted with are Emile, the train conductor, and Flandre (Nakua in the third OVA saw her in the video from Sherwood's camera, but decided to erase the parts of the video containing her for unknown reasons). She also seems to have the ability to "jump" between timelines, such as when she appeared in the alternate future timeline. The future Hiro noticed a presence but can't seem to see her; similarly, she sensed Hiro but couldn't see him.


Kerberotte has the appearance of a young girl that strongly resembles Sherwood (complete with small eyebrows and a small fang on the side of her mouth). However she has longer hair tied into 2 braids and wears a black dress, a jester-like solid black hat, and a black cape. She wields a trident that enables her to deport souls into hell.


  • She often breaks the fourth wall.
  • She often say things that make no sense whatsoever.
  • In the anime, she stars in her own show called "Kereberotte-chan!". Flandre is a big fan of the show, even imitating her in one episode.
  • Although in her series the artwork is rather crude, in the omake after Chapter 71 for 2 panels she was drawn with rather great detail. Her appearance is more mature than how she normally appears.
  • She appear in all three OVAs as the extra story after the end.
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