Hime's Mansion is where Lillianne and her servants, Hiro Hiyorimi, Riza Wildman, Reiri Kamura, Flandre, Nakua, and Sawawa Hiyorimi reside. It has spiral cloud hovering above it. Princess Sherwood and her servants usually come to visit Lillianne in her mansion, as well. The mansion has been rebuilt at least 3 times: the first time Hime burnt it down herself to kill the Invisible Man, the second time it was leveled by Gilliam using Flanders's Photon Cannon, the third time it received significant damage from Laputa


  • Hiro's room
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Basement
  • in chapter 19 Hime's room is seen in the manga
  • A secret room for emergencies in Hime's bedroom


  • Lillianne's room has not yet been revealed.
  • In Chapter 53: Princess Swirl, the swirly dark cloud above the mansion
    dissappeared, probably taken by the "living typhoon" as its child.
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