Greta greeting Reiri.

(Gūreta) is a pure-blooded vampire and long-time friend of Reiri Kamura. She first appeared in Chapter 85 of the manga at Hime's mansion. Her appearance immediately attracted the ire of the werewolves Aida Kanu and Rudy Rude, who suspected her of trying to get Hime's blood. She taunted them back, but the encounter ends there. 


Greta wears an outfit that somewhat resembles Carolyn Lugosch's, with a long skirt instead of pants and she wears a pair of high-heels. 

Greta has short, curly blonde hair and a slight masculine look to her face.


Greta came to Hime's mansion to inform her of "a certain something". Upon arriving there, her appearance immediately attracted the ire of Aida and Rudy, who suspected her of trying to get Hime's blood and propose that they exterminate her. She replied with the usual vampire taunts before being summoned by Flandre. She and the werewolves discovered Hime in a comatose-like state in the dining room.

Later that night, Greta woke Reiri from her sleep, complaining about the "dogs" in the house and flirtatiously invites Reiri back to the vampire world now that Kiniski is dead. Reiri refuses, and Greta departs with a remark about Hime losing the Throne War, which confuses Reiri.

She is not seen or mentioned again after that.


  • Greta is one of the very few elements of Kaibutsu Oujo that crosses over to the spin-off manga series Naqua-den.
  • She is possibly homosexual, as her behaviors and manners of speech while around Reiri are highly flamboyant or she may just be good friends with Reiri.
  • In Naqua-den it is revealed that her last name is Lugosch; however the relationship between her and Carolyn is unclear.
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