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Fratellis (Furaterisu, also called Fretellus) is the android serving Gilliam.

He is noticeably muscular and has a visor covering his eyes, which oddly have three visual sensors instead of two. Like Francisca, he has a fighting ability programmed into him and like all androids, he can't attack Royalties and can only say "fuga." He is dressed like a butler.

In Princess Super Express, he tried to throw Gilliam's particle cannon at Emile's train cart, only for Emile to send it right back, destroying him.

Mark IIEdit


The Mark II, standing next to prince Gilliam.

After Fratellis was destroyed, Gilliam stole an android named Mark II from the Professor. Mark II is identical to Fratellis except slimmer in build, has a slightly different hair style and lighter skin. During Gilliam's battle with Fuhito, Gilliam trapped Fuhito in a small chamber underground and used Mark II to weigh down the cover. Fuhito super-charged his telekinesis and blew right through Mark II, taking off his right side.
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