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Frank (Furanku) is the android serving Fuhito. Unlike the other androids serving the royalty, his design bears the appearance of a dog, though he has a bowtie and his platings and color schemes resembles that of a butler's tailcoat. During Fuhito's period of dormancy, he pretended to be serving under the android Duken. Later in chapter 82 Fuhito said he got tired of hound type models and changed Frank into the body of the gynoid Francine. Francine along with Frank were later destroyed in the battle between Sylvia and Fuhito.

In dog form, Frank is quite different from the humanoid androids. It is hinted that he does not weigh as much. Frank does not say "fuga". 

Frank himself can be considered an advanced type of android, as his main chasis (body) is convertible, capable of converting itself into the humanoid chasis of Francine (and briefly, Duken).

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