Francine (Furanshina)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 16
Anime None
Personal Information
Species Android
Occupation Royal Android
Status Destroyed
Relatives Professor Frankenstein (creator, father)

Other Royal Androids.

Voiced By
Japanese None
English None

Francine (Furanshina) was the android that took care of prince Fuhito when he was an infant. According to Fuhito, she is the prototype/base model for future generation androids like Flandre and Francisca.


Francine was first seen in a flashback of (presumably) Professor Frankenstein about an infant Fuhito. She was seen carrying the prince while running away from Salieri who was sending monsters to try and kill them. 

When Fuhito awakes and defeats all of Salieri's monsters and drove his sibling away, Francine was tasked with looking after him, because he was "tired" and is "going to go to sleep". She is later restarted by Fuhito, who got "tired of hound type androids" and converted Frank's quadrupedal chasis into her humanoid body. Francine (along with Frank) was destroyed during Fuhito's confrontation with Sylvia.


Francine wears the standard maid outfit like all othe female androids. She has long, (presumably) blonde/white hair that reaches around her waist with a headband on top. Being an android, Francine also has bolts sticking out of her head. 

She is shown to be fully, or at least partially, capable of emotions, as she was shown to be visibly panicking when chased by the Conehead monster. Her eyes are black and droopy.


  • One of the monsters that chases Francine and Fuhito is named "Cone Head", whose, both physical appearance and name, was based on Konami's infamous monster Pyramid Head.
  • Francine herself can be considered an advanced type of android, as her main chasis (body) is convertible, capable of converting itself into the quadrupedal chasis of Frank (and briefly, Duken).
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