Francette (フランセット Furansetto) is the gynoid serving Sylvia. She has a drill in place of her left arm, courtesy of Hime, Sherwood, Francisca and Flandre. She is first seen in the manga damaged and missing her left arm from the elbow down, she is repaired by Flandre and Francisca, Hime states that they are unable to fix her left arm completely and says that they have come up with attachments to replace it, she chose the drill and she is seen with it when Hime goes to assist Reiri, Hiro and Riza. She is later seen with Slyvia and Mikasa with a wide variety of tools and attachments for her arm. Unlike other androids her eyes are completely black with no discernible pupils or whites. 

She later joins forces with the Fly Man and Mikasa to free her mistress. In the later manga chapters her large drill is replaced a with a forearm, and later a flamethrower. Sylvia abandoned her when she reached the Phoenix stage.

She can only be seen in the 3rd OVA of the anime as a background character.

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