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The Flyman (蠅男, hae otoko) or Fly Man is a (probably mad) scientist who serves Prince Severin von Phoenix and later First Princess Sylvia.

The Flyman was the inventor of many bio-weapons used by various members of the Royal Family, mostly Sylvia and Severin. He has a brilliant intelligence which helps him in creating chemicals, creatures and machines with relative ease.

Trying to sell a biological weapon he developed to Hime, he trapped her in a maze he constructed beneath the mansion, but Hime, with her own sharp intuition and the help of Hiro, eventually foils his plan. He was told to have been responsible for Mikasa's bio-weapon parasite, and his research has been keeping her sister Hatsuse alive, which Sylvia and Severin uses as a leverage to command her obedience.

The Flyman was originally human, but due to obscure reasons, was transformed into his current state.


  • Trioxin
  • Mikasa's blood parasite
  • Various other inventions


  • The Flyman's appearance and backstory were likely inspired by the 1958 horror film The Fly. The main character of the movie, Dr. Andre Delambre, was also a brilliant scientist, but due to an accident in the lab he was horrifically disfigured and most of his body parts were replaced with a fly's, similar to the Flyman.
    • Unlike Andre, the Flyman seemed to only possess a fly's head, while his body is still human.