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Flanders/Flanders G (フランダースFurandasu/Furandasu G) is an android serving Emile and the largest android serving the Royal Family (Flandre being the smallest). Gilliam destroyed Flanders because it is the ultimate weapon and "reused" its Photon Cannon in a failed attempt to kill Hime.



Flanders's actual appearance.

Initially, Flanders is portrayed as a gigantic robot with headlight-eyes and metallic mustache. His height is apparently very tall, as he can walk on the seabed with his head above the water, and Hime said that he's so tall, people can spot him from miles away. He has seams and huge metallic bolts running along his face and body.

When Flanders is damaged by a gigantic monster attacking Frankenstein's hideout, his "small-form" is activated and temporarily replaces him. The "small-form" is visually short, about the same height as Flandre and still has big, headlight-like eyes and small horns on top of his head. The metallic seams are also present.

The "small-form" is visually more robotic-looking than his fellow (human-sized) androids.


At first Flanders doesn't have much of an appearance, usually appears as Emile's bodyguard or more often than not, transportation. His true purpose was revealed in the train attack by Gilliam. Apparently Frankenstein was supporting Emile's achievement of the throne, so he had secretly installed gigantic photon cannons into Flander's eyes, and that the android is modified to override his Royalty-neutral directive. Gilliam tried to destroy him using a Mega Particle Cannon, the two weapons are tied in terms of power, but Gilliam's cannon recharges quicker and has an advantage over the large android. When the next shot came, Flanders sacrificed his arms to shield Hime and Keziah, losing both limbs in the process. Just as his photon canons fires, his head is held tilted by Fratellis, blocking his shots and allowing Gilliam to de-couple the train car he's on and (presumably) destroys him.

His badly damaged head is later salvaged and used by Gilliam to bombard Sasanaki town and Hime's mansion. Francisca and Sherwood made their way towards the head and turned it on Gilliam and the Mark II. It is later destroyed following Hime's orders.

His small-form is later seen deactivated in Emile's room following the scene of his death.


  • Flanders's small-form is apparently separate or at least detachable from the main unit, as it was seen when the large form is under repairs, and again when Gilliam destroys its main unit, it is seen lying amongst the burning wreck.
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