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Flame warriors are the "upgraded" versions of blood warriors, who have the ability to use the same sacred fire as members of the Royal Family. While blood warriors needs their masters' blood regularly to stay alive, flame warriors cannot "expire" and are truly immortal.

Powers & Weaknesses[]

  • Flame warriors have the ability to use sacred fire.
  • Beings turned into flame warriors gains additional fire-based attacks, as seen in the case of Hiro.
  • Flame warriors can transfer their life-giving fire to another if he or she wishes; this kills the user but turns the recipient, who may be on the verge of death, into a flame warrior. This occured when Keziah transferred his powers to Madeleine, the mermaid.
  • While they show great power in battle, a flame warrior's ability to use phoenix fire can sometimes be a drawback. When Hiro tried to use his fire while fighting in knee-deep water, the fire generated a lot of steam, blocking his vision. Furthermore this form cannot be activated at all if the flame warrior is completely submerged.
  • At least in case of Hiro, a flame warrior can travel through time and even across dimensions.
  • Like blood warriors, a flame warrior's combat ability directly depends on how strong each warrior is. For example, as flame warriors, Keziah is many times stronger than Hiro.
  • Although immortal, flame warriors can still sustain damage in a battle. Like blood warriors, their recovery time depends on the severity of their injuries.

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Known Flame Warriors[]

  • Hiro Hiyorimi
  • Keziah Bold (deceased, passed his flame to Madeleine)
  • Madeleine
  • Fuhito (not technically a flame warrior, but since Sylvia overpowered him and made him her sevant he now serves the same function)