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Prince Duken von Phoenix (デユケンDeyuken) is a member of the Royal Family. At the beginning of the series, he was thought of as the winner of the previous Throne War, but for some reason wasn't crowned. His personal android is Frank, who is a robot dog unlike the other androids.


Like all members of the Royal Family, Duken has blonde hair, red eyes with slits for pupils, slim build, and (persumably) light skin. He wears a mask, cape, and a body suit.


He commands an entire army of drones and doesn't seem to use blood warriors. He also have the ability to project bolts of electricity and can form force fields.


For a long time after his introduction it's assumed that he's the oldest member fighting in the current war to the throne. Actually, he was born decades before Hime's brothers and sisters and survived the conflict but wasn't crowned king because at one point Hime said "So the rumors were true, until someone who is truly fit to become a ruler appears we have to continue fighting". So the probable reason Prince Duken wasn't crowned was because he was not fit to become ruler.But later in Chapter 70, it was revealed by Sylvia that the reason Duken wasn't crowned because he was already killed by Fuhito. Since the current generation were born at that time, he is now involved in a new war. He is also the one who used Riza to make Lobo attack Hime. In the future timeline, he killed Gilliam but was eliminated by Sylvia. He reappears in chapter 60, trying to stop Flandre from completing the negotiations with the scout from the army of Apocolypse but is stopped by Hime and Riza. Riza stated after attacking him that he is an android due to his great strength. His status as an android has been hinted several times: him not owning any blood warriors and also when Hime stopped him from attacking Flandre just by standing in front of him (androids besides the modified Flanders G cannot attack other members of the royalty). 

His status as an android is confirmed in c

Duken exposed!

hapter 68, where Riza broke him with a super-charged stun gun. With this revealation, the character Fuhito is introduced. As an android he was fully capable of speech and doesn't say "fuga" until this point in the story after which he makes no more appearances.

Apparently there are two separate Duken units, one who appeared initially and was destroyed, the other one was an alt-form of Frank.

See Fuhito for details.


  • Duken's character design and Frank's dog form may be a reference to the anime series Cassah.