Princess Alliance (同盟王女, Doumei Oujo) is the sixth chapter in Princess Resurrection manga series.


Sherwood arrives in Sasanaki City, and travels to Hime's mansion along with Francisca. Riza, sensing a royal, blindly charges in to fight Sherwood, but Francisca effortlessly deflects her. Hime and Sherwood have a tense discussion over tea, wherein Sherwood proposes an alliance, as she is too weak to fight against their older brothers. Hime sees through her plan, knowing Sherwood would attack her when her back was turned. Sherwood then activates the triffid and swiftly leaves the premises.

Hime attempts to flee as well, but the triffid quickly overtakes the upper levels of the house (while Sawawa ignorantly continues vacuuming on the first floor). Hime and Riza attempt to sever the triffid's vines, but they are overwhelmed. Flandre brings out a large tank of gasoline and the triffid opens it, detonating it and allowing them all to escape.

Sherwood watches the mansion from the hill, and is unsurprised that Hime has escaped. She reveals her greater plan, in that the triffid is buried underneath the entire hill, not just the mansion. Hime formulates a counterplan, and rides on the back of Riza's motorcycle as they charge Sherwood. Francisca defends her by flicking high-speed BB pellets at Riza, as Hime notes that androids will not attack other royals. Flandre distracts Francisca as Hime jumps off of the motorcycle and embraces Sherwood. As the triffid's vines envelop them both, Hime explains that she noticed the only safe spot was wherever Sherwood stood, though now that the two are next to each other, even Sherwood is no longer safe.

Hime gives her an ultimatum--either they can be crushed to death by the triffid and die together, or Sherwood can call off the triffid and concede. Breaking into tears, Sherwood admits her loss, and the triffid retreats. Hime offers a real alliance this time, but Sherwood retorts that Hime, too, is too soft to fight their brothers. Sherwood then takes a dive off of the triffid and plummets off a cliff below. Hiro rushes in to catch her and breaks her fall, dying again. Charmed by his effort to rescue her, Sherwood feeds Hiro her blood and tries to make him her first Blood Warrior. Exasperated, Hime explains that Hiro is hers, though her offer of an alliance was true.

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