Carolyn mocking Riza.

Carolyn Lugosh is a vampire that only appeared in chapter 24 of the manga. She is the leader of the vampire group in the monster prison.


Carolyn has the appearence of a young woman with short, neat blonde hair and light eyes. She also wears lipstick.

Unlike other prisoners who wear striped uniforms, Carolyn's outfit is similar to that of an officewoman: a collared white blouse, black dress pants, heeled dress shoes (or mary-janes) and an overcoat which she wears over her shoulders like a cloak.


Carolyn first appeared after Riza became the head of the female werewolf prisoners. She scoffed at the werewolves and insulted them, which irritated Aida who told her that Riza will defeat her in a single match to regain the honor of the werewolves. Angry to be told of this at the last minute, Riza questions Aida, who told her that Carolyn had killed 7 of her fellow werewolves and questions Riza's pride. With this, Riza bitterly agrees to the duel.

For most of the duel, Carolyn is able to evade Riza's attacks while inflicting damage to her opponent with her dagger. However, just as Carolyn is about to deliver the final blow, Riza strikes, catching her off guard and punching her through the chest, killing her.

Carolyn's death is later mentioned by Greta, who came to the mansion to visit Reiri.

Powers, Abilities, & WeaknessesEdit


Carolyn's downfall.

Although her appearence is brief, she is shown to be skilled in fighting, using her ability to fly and turn into bats to avoid her opponents' strikes, routing them, and then attacking from behind with a dagger. With this tactic, she managed to give Riza a hard time in battle. Although it was not shown, she is assumed to have the same abilities as other vampires.

Like all vampires, Carolyn is presumably afraid of water. She cannot enter a building without being invited in and can be killed by driving a white ash stake through her heart. According to Riza, she is slower than Kiniski and not as sharp as Reiri. She also has a habit of spamming her tactics, which led to her defeat.

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