Blood Warriors are a central theme to the series, as the main protagonist Hiro Hiyorimi is transformed into one in the first episode of the series. Only deceased beings can be made into Blood Warriors, Vampires and Werewolves are exceptions to this.

Powers & WeaknessesEdit

  • Blood Warriors requires regular consumption of their master's blood in order to stay alive and will "expire" if neglected.
  • Blood Warriors have the ability to self-heal from any injury, the rate of which depends on the severity of the damage sustained. If the Blood Warrior were to lose body parts, he or she can only heal through reattachment; the lost body part cannot be regrown.
  • Blood Warriors can still feel pain, too much pain will put the Blood Warrior into shock. 
  • Blood Warriors does not gain any strength boosts of any kind, their level of power depends on their physical abilites when they are still alive.
  • Blood Warriors can be destroyed, probably by way of dismemberment, then preventing reattachment; total disintegration would also work.

Known Blood WarriorsEdit

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