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Aron is a were-shark and a former comrade of Lobo Wildman.

She's a famous female assassin of the shark family and thus is highly skilled in close combat, using retractable sharp fins on her arms as weapons. She was an acquaintance of Riza's brother during the time they were in the army. It was through him that she knew about Riza's identity. 

She first encountered Riza while riding a jetski on Hime's vacation lake, where she somehow sunk Riza's vehicle and saved her from drowning. She later introduces herself to Riza as her brother's former comrade. She told Riza many stories about Lobo, and how he cared about his sister. She deeply respects Lobo and Riza for their valor. 

She was later sent to Hime's mansion to assassinate her, though Hime has suspected this and has already prepared her countermeasures. Aron was cornered by Riza, who was shocked to see her newfound ally now her enemy, and a shameful enemy at that. Aron fought back but was mortally wounded by Riza. As she dies, Aron expressed her regret for betraying Riza and hope that she can forgive her actions. She also told Riza to become a prideful warrior like her brother used to be. Her grave is supposedly placed next to Lobo's.

Aron was hinted to be homosexual, as she kissed Riza, though she claims that she is only into married women. 

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