Aida's first appearance in the manga.

Aida Kanu
is a werewolf who was Riza Wildman's cell-mate in chapter 24. She convinced Riza to be the leader of her werewolf group to fight Carolyn Lugosch, who (presumably) has killed 7 of their comrades. She later appears on several occations: escort Hime and her servants in chapter 54 to search for Riza, helping Riza to infiltrate Duken's mansion, and escorting Riza to the Werewolf Senate for her trial.


Mahada KanuEdit

Mahadu Kanu is the parent of Aida Kanu, and apparently also a great werewolf warrior.

Riza WildmanEdit

Aida and Riza first met in chapter 24 as cell-mates. She attempted to bully Riza for being a newbie and a half-blood but after Riza defeats her, she came to respect Riza's strength and experience, but dislikes Riza's friendship with Reiri Kamura, due to her being a vampire. Aida will help out Riza whenever she is in dire need and swore to be her comrade in battle.

Reiri KamuraEdit

Unlike Riza, Aida never got along with Reiri. During her stay at Hime's mansion, she had several scuffles with the vampire.

Rudy RudeEdit

Rudy is a werewolf from Aida's hometown. She brought intel during the invasion of Duken's mansion, during which she swore to be comrades with Riza and Aida. Later, she and Aida would accompany Riza to her trial at the Werewolf Senate.

Hiro HiyorimiEdit

After getting back from the invasion, Aida and Rudy briefly stayed in Hime's mansion and displayed some curiosity over Hiro's status as a blood warrior. From their experience, most humans who hang out with werewolves end up with all their bones broken. Because Hiro can regenerate from any wound, they asked Hiro if they can have some "fun" with him which would tear any werewolf apart. Fortunately for Hiro, Reiri intervened and saved him.

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